One-day wine tours- in a comfortable vehicle, in each of the areas below. Vineyards, wineries, wine tasting and meeting the wine makers. A day with unforgettable memories and lots of joy. CHEERS- LECHAYIM!

The high mountains of the Galilee and Golan Heights are rich with volcanic soil, hot summers and snowy winters. Visit renown global and boutique wineries and hear stories about the people behind these special wines.  





The wine route of Israel - Between the mountains and valleys around Jerusalem.

The terroir in this area made the local wines extremely famous through out the Roman empire. 

Today, wine makers are reviving the prestige of this area.


The challenges that wine makers face in the extreme climate of the  Negev desert. Their advantages include the hot sunny days coupled with cold nights, giving the grapes and the wines a unique and unexpected taste.


"And wine which makes man's heart glad..." 

(Psalm, 104:15)

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